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I meet a girl who used to be a beauty queen in their place. She was a simple girl with simple dreams when I meet her. What I really admire her, is her humility and simplicity. Of course I get attracted on her when I first saw her for her beauty is totally great that every man would really admire the moment they will glance at her face. I then asked her number through a friend and I started to know her through the messages that we had exchanged from one another. From text we then call each other and from calling through we then video call and that makes us two bonded each other better. According to London escort.

Our distance is miles and miles apart for I worked in another country and she was all left in London. The information that I get about her is all coming from her. I will be seeing her every year for I will be in my work for a year I am only given a month of vacation in my. Every time that we two are together I made it sure that we spend quality time together for I have only one month time being with her in my arms and I would not allow the day passed that we will not be together. I always wanted to be on her side whenever she goes. That is how I am so addicted to her, that I even noticed that she feels annoyed but she has nothing to do with it for she loves me the way I love her.

After 10 years of being like that as boyfriend and girlfriend we then decided to get married. I proposed to her the moment that I arrived at the airport. I asked the airline to help me in my proposal. She never expected it that I will do that thing as soon as arrived. What I told her is that I will propose to her when I went back. It was a gloomy afternoon and the flight was right on time but the airline had to tell my girlfriend that my flight was cancelled due to bad weather and she needs to wait in a waiting area where there is room for her to sleep together with my mom and her sister. When she entered the room the proposal then started she was really crying that   she never noticed that it was all a trick for she used to do the trick to me. So after a week of the proposal we get married in church witnessed with our loved ones and close friends.

We went outside London for our honeymoon, I made it sure that our honeymoon would be the best experience of our lives. We have so much fun with our vacation together as husband and wife. Out of my surprise my wife tells me her biggest secret. I found out that my wife has a secret life as a London escorts and she loves it. Yes I was a bit of surprise but I know that it was a part of her life and the fact that she is happy with it I have nothing against it. But now that we are married I asked her to stop and continue to love me and raised our future children with love. She then say sorry to me for not telling the truth but I told her not be sorry to me for that was her life when she was single and now that she is married her life would be different and that is to be wife and a mother of my children. London escorts is a part of her life that she will be thankful for the rest of her life. The experience that she has with London escorts will always remain in her memory and heart that she was a part of the very successful escorts in London. After a 2 weeks of vacation I went back to work and after a month she then told me that she is pregnant. I was then the happiest man of the earth, knowing from a fact that our love bosoms into a wonderful creation.